M5GO IoT Starter Kit


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This M5GO IOT Kit is a multi-Unit feast with 6 M5units inside (ENV, IR, RGB, PIR, ANGLE, HUB). Just like other M5Stack development kit, M5GO is powered by ESP32.

Every M5stack development kit can be programmed through Arduino IDE, WebIDE UIFlow, Micropython, and Blockly, simplifying the development process for those requiring a joint hardware and software solution. Not only does M5stack have far-reaching IoT applications in industry, agriculture, and home, but it also empowers students to learn to code in STEM classrooms.

This M5GO kit is specifically designed for STEM education. The pack includes 1 M5GO conroller + 6 M5units + plenty of accessories. Having all those goods, together with the Blockly program platform, allows the school students to explore the engineering world , making their own IoT product and implement brilliant ideas into real life.

Product Features

  • ESP32-based
  • Built-inSpeaker, Buttons, LCD(320*240)
  • TF card slot (16G Maximum size)
  • Extendable Pins & Holes
  • M-Bus Socket & Pins
  • Development Platform UIFlow, MicroPython, Arduino


  • 1x M5GO
  • 6x Units(ENV, IR, RGB, PIR, ANGLE, HUB)
  • 4x LEGO block
  • 12x LEGO Connector
  • 4x GROVE cable
  • 1x Type-C USB cable(20cm)
  • 1x User Manual


  • Internet of things terminal controller
  • Stem education product
  • DIY creation


Resources Parameter
ESP32 240MHz dual core, 600 DMIPS, 520KB SRAM, Wi-Fi, dual mode Bluetooth
Flash Memory 16MB
Power Input 5V @ 500mA
Port TypeC x 1, GROVE(I2C+I/0+UART) x 1
IPS Screen 2 inch, 320x240 Colorful TFT LCD, ILI9342C
Speaker 1W-0928
MEMS BMM150 + MPU6886
MIC Analog mic
Battery 500 mAh @ 3.7V
Operating Temperature 32°F to 104°F ( 0°C to 40°C )
Size 54 x 54 x 21 mm
Weight 224.9g
Case Material Plastic ( PC )

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Customer Reviews

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M5GO IoT STarter Kit

Been playing with this kit for about a month now and absolutely love it. Using VS Code and MicroPython to code and it's been a great experience. Currently developing a Loitering Monitor so that the device will detect someone loitering in an apartment lobby and notify the superintendent via SMS message to investigate. Once complete, will probably port it to an M5StickC.

Very impressive!

Good packet - as a gift - it really perfect in work.
This platform has very responsive to any sensor, has a good display and very compact size.
Stable, uptime is impressive,

Easy programming, not bad battery, multiple apps in one device - nice!
Very disappointed with no cyrillic font support in UIFlow, but I can forgive this )
Also, I don't need lego mountings, so just drop it.

1 x M5GO IoT Starter Kit

Just can't stop using this nice combination of hardware and the source code M5Stack provides. Writing more software for this kit and its endless on what you can create and discover.


M5GO IoT Starter Kit


M5GO IoT Starter Kit