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New butterfly launcher

This is an upgrade of old Butterfly. In comparison, this new launcher has packed with a microprocessor MEGA328 and 18 RGB LEDs. It also has a Lipo battery assembly onto the device, plus two ports for power, serial communication, and connection. One standout feather is that you can have many devices connected in serial, and control them independently. Therefore you can create a very nice effect.

The mechanism of series communication: the devices are connected in series. to identified a certain device and to sent an instruction to a certain device, we will attach an 'id' variable with the command, which will be sent from the controller(M5 core) to the serial connection, in this process, the 'id' variable will minus 1 by each device at each time when the command passes through the line. The device that got id = 0, will execute the command.
1, Each of them can be controlled independently, they are allowed to constrain the led color, blink mode, brightness and servo status which is used to launch the butterflies.
2, As we can see from the video below, from LED demonstration, the delay is obvious, if there is a 100ms delay for every device, and we have 10 in total the last device will have a 1s delay. To optimate this delay, we could program the first device to wait for the last device. However, based on the protocol, a delay will exist no matter what.

Regarding the coding, We have encapsulated a specific Block on UIFLow. so that you can program your project as easy as possible.
I will show you how to set up the develope environment on UIflow
1, Navigate to Custom, click open *m5d
2, Choose butterfly.m5d
3, Unfold Custom, there appears the butterfly program block.

Product Feature:
- Serial extendable
- 18x RGB LED
- UART serial communication
- UIflow (graphic/blockly language allowed)

Package Include:
- BUTTERFLY Launcher
- Butterfly paper model
- Cable
- Rubber band

- Fashion Tech
- Stem Education

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