LoRa Module( 868MHz )


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LoRa868 is integrated with the LoRa Module Ra-01H which is designed and produced by Ai-Thinker.The board has some extra space left over, so we give you a prototyping area great for adding on your own customized circuit working with the LoRa868 Module.

LoRa enables long-range transmissions (more than 10 km in some areas) with low power consumption.The technology is presented in two parts: LoRa, the physical layer and LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network), the communication layers simillar to the OSI model.

LoRa and LoRaWAN permit long-range connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) devices in various industrial applications.

Product Features

  • LoRa Module: Ra-01H (by Ai-Thinker)
  • Communication Protocol: SPI
  • Universal Perfboard
  • Working Frequency: 803~930 MHz
  • Supports FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, LoRa ™ and OOK modulation modes
  • Receive sensitivity: lowest to -141 dBm
  • Programmable bit rate up to 300Kbps
  • Built-in FPC Antenna
  • External IPX Antenna connector
  • Program platform: Arduino, Micropython, UIFlow(Blockly)
  • Product Size:54.2mm x 54.2mm x 12.8mm
  • Product weight:14.5g


  • 1x M5Stack LoRa868 Module


  • Remote electricity meter reading
  • Home automation
  • Remote irrigation system


Arduino IDE

These are the point-to-point communication examples between two LORA868 modules. The LoRa nodes send and receive messages.

  • Blue string indicates sending succeed.

  • Yellow string display the received messages.

  • Red string indicates initialization failed.

To get complete code, please click here

#include <M5Stack.h>
#include <M5LoRa.h>

String outgoing;                     // outgoing message
byte msgCount = 0;                   // count of outgoing messages
byte localAddress = 0xBB;            // address of this device
byte destination = 0xFF;             // destination to send to

LoRa.setPins();                      // set CS, reset, IRQ pin
LoRa.begin(868E6);                   // initialize ratio at 868 MHz

//send message
void sendMessage(String outgoing) {
  LoRa.beginPacket();                // start packet
  LoRa.write(destination);           // add destination address
  LoRa.write(localAddress);          // add sender address
  LoRa.write(msgCount);              // add message ID
  LoRa.write(outgoing.length());     // add payload length
  LoRa.print(outgoing);              // add payload
  LoRa.endPacket();                  // finish packet and send it
  msgCount++;                        // increment message ID

//receive message
void onReceive(int packetSize) {
  if (packetSize == 0) return;       // if there's no packet, return
  int recipient = LoRa.read();       // recipient address
  byte sender = LoRa.read();         // sender address
  byte incomingMsgId = LoRa.read();  // incoming msg ID
  byte incomingLength = LoRa.read(); // incoming msg length

  String incoming = "";

  while (LoRa.available()) {
    incoming += (char)LoRa.read();


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Not compatible

I cannot get connection with other lora modules, not compatible with Heltec to be specific, i supose there are compatible with m5stack only


LoRa Module( 868MHz )