Mini Infrared Emitter & Receiver Unit


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IR is an pair of infrared photoelectric. Also from M5Go Kit, Contains 1x infrared emitter and 1x receiver. IR remote control is widely used in consumer electronics,it can be used to operate devices such as a television set, DVD player, or other home appliance, from a short distance. Since this unit comes with emitter and receiver, you can practice not only on IR encode but also on IR decode.

Product Features

  • 1x infrared emitter
  • 1x infrared receiver
  • Distance range: < 5m
  • Software Development Platform: Arduino, UIFlow(Blockly,Python)
  • Two Lego-compatible holes


  • 1x IR Unit
  • 1x Grove Cable


Resources Parameter
net weight 4g
Gross weight 17g
Product Size 32*24*8mm
Package Size 67*53*12mm


Customer Reviews

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Have not tried it yet!

I have purchased various M5 products and have not gotten to the IR Emitter/Receiver yet. Still learning and enjoying the M5 products...

This IR module nor the UIFlow supporting function DO what they advertise i.e. "Distance Unit"

A) This IR module nor the UIFlow supporting function DO what they advertise i.e. "Distance Unit" i.e. it is impossible to "measure distance" with it.
B) In fact according the documentation the IR RX used is a IRM-3640T (http://www.everlight.com/file/ProductFile/IRM-3640T.pdf ) which is a IR RX for REMOTE CONTROL (RC) TV sets, VCR/ CD players etc. ...in fact the RC following one of many specific transmission protocols and therefor it would be impossible to use the IR TX (transmitter) to emulate a RC because of the Real Time constrains of the IR burst , timing etc....
C) It cannot be used as REFLECTIVE IR sensor either because when you turn ON the IR TX then the internal cross-talk makes the IR RX (receiver) to be continuously ON! (no physical separation of the IR TX and RX and the case is WHITE, it should be BLACK if that is gonna work some day).
D) The associated UIFlow funcionality only allow to turn on or off the IR TX and to check the state of the IR RX as ON or OFF, due to the above mentioned problems the unit can only support SIMPLEX application (TX or RX but not both) or SEMI-DUPLEX (TX alternated with RX but not at the same time) which make application like "Distance measurement" or "Obstacle detection" basically impossible.

Hello Friend, Due to the negligence of the colleague in charge of the e-commerce platform, the title of the website is incorrect. As you said, this product does not have the measure distance function. Thank you very much for the problem you pointed out. Title has been updated, if you need more information about the IR unit, here is the DOCS link FYI: https://docs.m5stack.com/#/en/unit/ir Thanks for choosing M5Stack and sorry about this inconvenience we brought.

M5Stack Mini Infrared Unit IR Remote Reflective Sensor


M5Stack Mini Infrared Unit IR Remote Reflective Sensor


M5Stack Mini Infrared Unit IR Remote Reflective Sensor