M5StickC 8Servos HAT


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8Servos HAT is an 8-way servo control board compatible with M5StickC. The brains of the borad is the STM32F030F4 microcontroller which communicates with M5StickC through I2C. In order to ensure that multiple servos can work at the same time, the HAT is equipped with a separate 16340 battery base for an external and independent power supply. A control switch and an RGB LED are also integrated with the HAT. The SG90 servos are a perfect fit for this HAT. 

Product Features

  • 8-way servo control
  • onboard RGB LED
  • 16340 battery base
  • I2C protocol for comunication and control

Weight and Size

  • Size:55mm * 25mm * 20mm


  • Multiple servo control
  • Robotic Arm
  • Biomimetic Robots
  • Smart and cognitive toys

Package Includes

  • 1x 8Servos-HAT
  • 1x 16340 battery(750mAh)


1. Arduino IDE

To get complete code, please click here

8Servos HAT Instructions

  1. Function Description
(1)Eight-way servo control

(2)Onboard sk6812 LED control
  1. Communication Method
I2C,bitrate 400HZ,address support self-addition


register      value        description

00H            0X00       CH1 angle out

01H            0X00       CH2 angle out

02H            0X00       CH3 angle out

03H            0X00       CH4 angle out

04H            0X00       CH5 angle out

05H            0X00       CH6 angle out

06H            0X00       CH7 angle out

07H            0X00       CH8 angle out
  1. I2C address description

    00H(R/W)servo register address


    (1)Data can be read and written continuously

    (2)Each register value indicates the degree can be written to 0-180

10H(R/W)servo pulse width register

address    value    description

10H        0X00    CH1_WIDTH[8:15]

11H        0X00    CH1_WIDTH[0:7]

12H        0X00    CH2_WIDTH[8:15]

13H        0X00    CH2_WIDTH[0:7]

14H        0X00    CH3_WIDTH[8:15]

15H        0X00    CH3_WIDTH[0:7]

16H        0X00    CH4_WIDTH[8:15]

17H        0X00    CH4_WIDTH[0:7]

18H        0X00    CH5_WIDTH[8:15]

19H        0X00    CH5_WIDTH[0:7]

1AH        0X00    CH6_WIDTH[8:15]

1BH        0X00    CH6_WIDTH[0:7]

1CH        0X00    CH7_WIDTH[8:15]

1DH        0X00    CH7_WIDTH[0:7]

1EH        0X00    CH8_WIDTH[8:15]

1FH        0X00    CH8_WIDTH[0:7]


(1)Data can be read and written continuously

20H(R/W)LED_RGB register

address    value    description

20H        0X00     G[0:7]

21H        0X00     R[0:7]

22H        0X00     B[0:7]


(1)Data can be read and written continuously


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