M5StickC Yun Hat(SH20,BMP280,SK6812)


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YUN HAT is a cloud-shaped multi-function environment information measurement base. Built-in temperature and humidity sensor SHT20, air pressure sensor BMP280, photoresistor. 14 RGB LEDs. The board is build with Embedded Microprocesser * STM32F030F4** , which implenmented a consice and efficient program APIs. 
YUN HAT features a pretty appearance which could be used as a decration for your space. 
The base is designed for the M5StickC, like other HAT devices, it is compatible with top socket of M5StickC. The overall structure adopts a three-layer design, and the upper and lower PCB boards serve as fixed structure and main circuit respectively, which is beneficial to the circuit conduct long hours of work. 
the board also provides an independent external power interface. 
The middle layer is a light-guided acrylic component. To achieve a better light display effect, The acrylic outer contour cutting surface is partially polished, and the purpose is to effectively reduce the scattering of light, making it evenly saturated with light effects. 
One hook hole and two 6
4mm magnet mounting positions are reserved on the board, so users can easily magnet or hang in any corner of space.

Product Features

  • Compatible with M5StickC
  • On-board Microprocessor STM32F030F4
  • Temperature and Humidity SensorSHT20
  • Air pressure sensorBMP280
  • Photoresistance
  • 14 x SK6812 4020 RGB LED
  • Three-layer structure design:
    • 1 x hook hole
    • 2 x 6*4mm magnet mounting position
    • 1 x finishing Acrylic profile surface
  • Development platform: Arduino, UIFlow(Blockly, Python)


  • 1x YUN HAT
  • 2x Dupont


  • Environmental information collection
  • Smart home decoration
  • Fridge Magnet


Customer Reviews

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M5StickC Yun Hat(SH20,BMP280,SK6812)

Delivery as expected,

but the Yun Hat itself heats the temp sensor and temp values will be not precise. You have to switch off or dim the LEDs to get better values.
The idea itself is very good.