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ATOM SWITCH is a bi-directional control programable switch for the M5ATOM. It can be connected to bi-directional AC / DC circuits for simultaneous on-off control. The on-board relay can support up to 250V / 16A AC or 5V / 1A DC output. Built in step-down module can provide 5V / 1A DC power supply. In order to ensure safe use, its DC circuit has a built-in self recovery fuse (250V / 1A), which can effectively disconnect the circuit in case of over current or short circuit. In order to facilitate the use of users in industrial scenarios, an SP485EE level-conversion IC is built in. There are also a set of RS485 interfaces provided for the user to connect RS485 equipment. In addition, a set of PH2.0 interfaces is also provided for connecting I2C peripheral equipment or general I/O equipment. With the Bluetooth and WiFi functions of M5ATOM, you can easily setup a remote control switch. If you have multiple M5ATOM HUB SWITCH modules, you can set them up in parallel through the RS485 interface.

Product Features

  • Compatible ATOM Matrix/ATOM Lite
  • AC/DC input
  • 2-way relay
  • Built-in RS485 level-conversion, supporting Modbus
  • PH2.0 port extend
  • Self recovery fuse protection
  • Remote control via Bluetooth, WiFi and RS485


  • 1x ATOM Lite
  • 4x Magnet
  • 1x Magnet double-side tape
  • 1x DIN Rail
  • 1x 3.96*4P plug
  • 3x 3.96*3P plug
  • 1x M4 Hex Key
  • 2x M4*10mm Hexagon countersunk screw
  • 1x M2*20mm Hexagon socket cup head machine screw


  • Intelligent switch


Specification Parameter
Relay AC 250V/16A, DC 5V/1A
Input power AC 250V, DC 5V
Interface 1x PH2.0(PORT A), 1x VH3.96 4P(RS485), 2x VH3.96 3P(Relay), 1x VH3.96 3P(AC/DC IN)
net weight 134g
Gross weight 158g
Product Size 72*40*30mm
Package Size 104*77*35mm
Case material

Plastic ( PC )

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