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This is an upgrade of a normal AC socket outlet, which empowers the user to customize the AC outlet through RS485 series. Serial communication control can include multiple AC sockets, have them serial connected in the same RS485 main bus, can be applied to a typical industrial application scenario. Let's break it down a little bit, start with the bottom part.

  • The whole AC socket is consist of two parts. For people who are familiar with M5 industrial product series, would recognize the base at the bottom is BASE26. we put a 3pin inlet socket at one customizable side of BASE26. This is where we power the AC socket from.

  • The top is where goes in the AC plug, and the relay control inside would switch on and off the power in here.

  • To get more AC socket connected in series, we would use an HT3.96 terminal connectors, as you can see the orange socket in the picture.

  • The bottom part is mainly in charge of converting the AC power 220V to DC 5V to power the microprocessor STM32F030F4 and RS485 related circult. As you can see from the picture, two parts wire connected by M-Bus socket and a pair of power wire. A red led indication is placed on top.

Product Features

  • RS485 OUTLET
  • Serial communication protocol: ModBUS-RTU
  • support Mutiple device Series connection
  • STM32F030F4
  • Embedded 4x M3 Nut
  • Build with BASE26
  • INPUT : 100-240V
  • OUTPUT: 10A
  • Power Status indicator
  • Product size:54mm x 54mm x 61mm
  • Product weight:130g


  • 1x AC Socket


  • Smart AC Socket Outlet With wire control of RS485
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