NODE Audio Dev Module (WM8978, DHT12)


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Node, like its namesake, is a smart node with full-featured functions in a IoT application scenarios. Together with M5Stack Core, it can be programmed as an intelligent speaker like Echo. Node provides more hardware resources: built-in high-fidelity audio codec chip,MIC, DHT12, IR

ESP32 provides an Audio Develope Platform called ESP-ADF. ESP-ADF supports development of audio applications for the Espressif Systems ESP32 chip in the most comprehensive way. With ESP-ADF, you can easily add features, develop audio applications from simple to complex:

  • Music player or recorder supports audio formats such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, OGG, AMR, TS, EQ, Downmixer, Sonic, G.711, SPEEX ...
  • Play music from sources: HTTP, HLS(HTTP Live Streaming), SPIFFS, SDCARD, A2DP-Source, A2DP-Sink, HFP ...
  • Integrate Media services such as: DLNA, WeChat ... Internet Radio
  • Voice recognition and integration with online services such as Alexa, DuerOS, and more.

Product Feature

  • 1x 12 RGBs
  • 1x temperature & humidity sensor(DHT12),which can display its own status and perception surrounding environment.
  • 4x IR Transmitter LEDs at four corners and 2x IR Receivers
  • 2x MIC
  • 1x HiFi stereo codec chip ( Up to 24bit DAC )
  • 1x 400mAh lithium battery


  • 1x Node Module
  • Wall holder
  • 4x screws
  • 4x Type-C USB Cable


  • Intelligent IOT node
  • Webradio
  • Intelligent sound box

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Where is the example

the sample code (IDF platform) link:


A smart "Speaker" that doesn't contain a speaker. [Follow Up]
Hey Marshall, First we apologize for misleading you with our title 'smart speaker' , indeed, it doesn't contain a speaker inside, it has to be used together with our 'ESP32 core Basic' , we provide the audio develop platform so you can program it as a smart speaker (power the speaker of 'Basic core' . For people who familiar with our product category and system, they'll understand immediately that the 'Base' and 'Module' can't be used without our 'core' controllers. But new users might get confused, so thanks for your suggestions we'll change our title and descriptions. For the defective issues/quality issues, i'm afraid you have to ask the amazon store which you bought the products for replacement/return. In the future, you can also buy directly at official store, we provide technical support, after sales service, return/replacement policy. Our sales people will contact you directly and get you a gift for your genuine feedbacks to help us improving our products.
A smart "Speaker" that doesn't contain a speaker.
Hello Marshall, Thanks for your support and review. First of all, the product will not be put into storage until it has no problem in testing, every item will have QC checking before put into storage. About the problems you are facing, can we have a video of the broken item? BTW, we didn't find any transcation record of your account. Pls help to provide the transcation record and also the photo of defective item, our after-sales term will help! Let us know if you have any need, thank you so much.