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Tyhac is a multi-mode device made possible by deep learning and AWS. The stack stores and predicts covid-19 audio cough samples.
Interconnection and implementation of external sensors for later use IoT applications deployments.
Automatic contact tracing using Bluetooth
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M5Stack JULY 2021 New Products Introduction | Color Lcd Unit
M5Stack JUNE 2021 New Products Introduction | ATOMDTU NB IOT
M5Stack MAY 2021 New Products Introduction | UNIT NB IoT
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In today’s digital economy, It is more important to be very accurate about measuring service quality. Especially for enterprises, they will likely require increasingly strict performance for real-time and ultra-reliable applications.


Developing and assurance to meet new quality in service requirements are critical to leadership in the IoT era. The accuracy of measuring service quality is of greater importance than ever before. Monitoring requires highly granular and proactive measurements to detect problems as they arise and before they will affect customer service.


Software and Automation are essential for driving customer satisfaction and simplifying operations. Service operations need to be able to identify, understand, eliminate and resolve the issues before they impact your service and customer experience.


Ericsson IoT Accelerator enables enterprises to easily deploy, manage and scale their global IoT business from a unified IoT platform. In order to achieve more together. M5 working together with Ericsson on an application, offering active assurance and works by measuring end-to-end service quality through reading data from embedded sensors and showing them on a dashboard, managing connectivity on a subscription and network-level through IoT Accelerator APIs.

Whether you have an established modern service assurance framework or not. Learn more about how to use proactive assurance to optimize cost predictability and increase service security that enable a proactive, service-centric operating model.


Read our Quick user guide to register M5Stack+COM.LTE to AWS IoT platform to learn more.


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On May 6-8,2021 M5Stack showcased our industrial IoT products series  and solution at the 2021 Shanghai Intelligent Factory Exhibition,M5stack was invited to participate in the No.5 International Exhibition Area.

M5Stack focused its efforts to augment understanding for and recognition of both products and the brand, "Smart Factory Solutions," including industry robots, automation technologies for production lines, PLC and sensors.

The series of DTU products stay abreast with smaller size and lighter weight, also meeting the demand for higher precision control and performance. Its excellent performance and resolution, and its compact and robust body drew a crowd at the M5stack booth. M5Stack team also introduced other series products perfectly Substitute for PLC such as ODrive,The ATOM HUB series also showcased solutions such as building circuits or connecting peripherals according to users' own needs to satisfy the functions and requirements of specific scenarios. Smart PLC and Smart DTU series of products demonstrating its ability to make a comprehensive proposal  For Smart Factory Solutions. many potential partners stopped by, further learned about Smart DTU and Smart PLC series products, and discussed the partnership!

Many visitors are attracted to M5Stack booth to inquire about Smart DTU and Smart PLC products.

About Shanghai Intelligent Factory Exhibition

SIA/Shanghai Intelligent Factory Exhibition”, formerly known as “Shanghai International Modern Industrial Intelligent Equipment Exhibition”, has been successfully held for many times and has become an indispensable brand exhibition for the domestic intelligent equipment industry,it covers industrial automation, robotics, AGV vehicles, machine vision and other fields. The “CME China machine tool exhibition” will be held at the same time, directly and comprehensively serving the entire industrial chain of the intelligent factory industry from source to terminal. The last exhibition covered an area of 120000 square meters, with 1200 exhibitors and 130,000 professional visitors.


About M5Stack

M5Stack is a technology company that designs and manufactures open-source development toolkit, including hardware, programming platform and IoT solutions. It was founded by Jimmy Lai in 2017 and based in Shenzhen, China.

M5STACK is on mission to "Quick&Easy IoT development", with M5STACK hardware middleware platform and ecosystem, IoT develop and deployment become easier and faster.


Please feel free to leave comments or contact us if you have any needs or inquiries about M5Stack industrial IoT products for comprehensive application, IoT edge application and smart home and industry control application! Stay tuned for our next updates!