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RFID module with ESP32 micrcontroller
A low-powered edge device that detects farts accurately and keeps track of them using a TensorFlow model running on a Coral Edge TPU
Semi-autonomous robot engineered for dynamically operating in challenging environments.
The main content is to describe how to use myCobot320 M5Stack 2022 and DSee-65X holographic projection equipment to achieve naked-eye 3D dis
With this Arduino source code, an “ESP32-CAM” module and the suggested circuit, make a "Spy Camera Microphone" to record video & audio.
Will guide you to make a Cellular IoT based Product Quality Analyzer with M5Unit V2.
This article describes in which aspects AI Kit 2023 has been upgraded and what good functions it has now.
This project combines two ideas: no-code/low-code software platform and a quick, robust prototyping system that requires no soldering. In th
A smart air cooler which detects how much space is used allowing one to adjust temoerature.
Our automatic pet feeder can detect a pet in the vicinity and dispense food according to its needs to ensure a consistent and balanced diet
Urban Farming Overseer aims to increase local food production in Singapore
Our product aims to reduce the manual labour of staff and enhance experience and convenience of staff and customers in the midst of covid-19
We make auto-management of livestock farming using M5Stack to make forming more automated and convenient
The device monitors people entering malls, checks vaccination & temperature. Access granted only to those meeting safety requirements.
A service provided for retail stores ensuring a fuss-free financial transaction