Share your work with the M5STACK community.
Learn how to build a system that sends a picture to Ubidots when a motion has been detected
Graphics calculator with a math engine in a M5 stack hardware
Home Assistant to control switches and monitor room and outdoor condition using Blynk and Google Assistant.
Emergency alerts are often sent out late to citizens, but an automated emergency notification system can change that!
Hack the ESP32-CAM streaming WebServer to read frames with OpenCV or to connect it to Home Assistant!
How to use set up multi page layouts on an M5Stack Core 2 in UIFlow.
How to control a light using a slide switch on the screen of the Core2 AWS
Emo Plant is a Smart Companion Interactive Electronic Plant designed for live-alone youths-by students from Hebei University of Technology
A project by a team of students from the Hebei University of Technology
Let's build a Smart Study Desk with a team of students from Hebei University of Technology!
How to create a 4 digit digital clock using the M5Stack Digital-Clock Unit.
In this tutorial I will show you how to make a wifi connection status monitor using the atom matrix esp32.
Get a deeper understanding of robot vision and human-robot interaction with myCobot AI Kit
An Arduino based small project, in which 12C IR non contact sensor and 4 digit display is interfaced together to make a minimal temp. meter.
A small RYBG_211_LITE BLE module comes with integrated antenna which provides a great range of 200meters. Now it is time for offline message