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Tyhac is a multi-mode device made possible by deep learning and AWS. The stack stores and predicts covid-19 audio cough samples.
Interconnection and implementation of external sensors for later use IoT applications deployments.
Automatic contact tracing using Bluetooth
Our solution uses edge ML model to detect if someone has coughed in area and allows cleaner to record the area has been cleaned.
Predicting wellness based on user health detection in addition to environmental data using machine learning.
Open-source Spirometry for ALL.
DMHC is a mesh of devices, each one with a Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation SpO2 and Temperature, (HOST) probe to capture values
At Akihabara Hackerspace, we have automated the ventilation process with CO2 monitors, a fan, AWS IoT Edukit, and IoT-related AWS Services.
A smart toilet that maintains a healthy environment analyzing air quality data using machine learning.
A Robot which dances and guides with your medice schedule to cheer you up all day.
A system that can measure environmental conditions and motion while sleeping, and create a sleep history and forecasting system.
AirBits is an indoor CO2 and TVCO monitor that will alert you when dangerous levels occur.
This Smart oximeter will be using the AWS IoT EduKit
This project will monitor the space between people using BLE and triangulation method.
Check if a person is wearing facemask before checking body temperature & check if premise occupied by too many people