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In this tutorial we are going to make a Simple Colorful Lights Project using Atom Matrix ESP32.
Smart retail uses technology such as RFID and sensors to track and record inventory levels in real-time.
In one of our semester projects, we are four computer science and electronics systems students worked on a connected beehive for beekeepers.
Robot made with motor controller, signal distribution, and servo controller board, it's controlled through the network.
This article is a description of the most critical robotic arm control module.
Our project is about Terrain sensor, which helps to measure soil moisture, pressure, temperature, humidity.
How to make smart safety and health monitoring for construction workers, How to create a smart safety system
A project that aims to get more customers to come back to the shop by having membership.
This project aims to monitor remotely the evolution of a bee colony, thanks to a connected system equipped with sensors of all kind.
In order to reduce interventions on the hives, we have created an autonomous embedded system.
M5STACK recently released the ATOM DTU LoRaWAN868. This tutorial teaches you how to connect it to The Things Network using Arduino IDE.
A project about a robotic arm and a depth camera working together.
The CP2102N is a universal USB to UART converter which helps to convert the USB data into TTL serial form for microcontroller interfacing.
Star Wars BD-1 droid powered by Raspberry Pi and vision AI, assembled from LEGO bricks.
A 4-legged mobile robot that tracks and wiggles its tail when it sees a human face. It can be controlled from remote PC through WiFi.
In this project will guide you to build an ML Cluster Based Cold Storage Monitoring System with Cellular connectivity.