Share your work with the M5STACK community.
Tilt Control Using Servos for ESP32 Cam ! WiFi Security Camera
You'll learn how to create a Intruder Alert System with Arduino and 3D Printing.
It is a rocket avionic system.
Thermal Flask that senses the inside temperature and sends the information to a receiver via Bluetooth.
Developing a TinyML solution for the Shipping Industry that allows users to track the status of a shipment/package in real time.
Will show you how to use BLE communication in ESP32 Controllers.
I will summarize how to connect the M5Stack Sensor Unit to W5100S-EVB-Pico and operate it using Arduino IDE.
Perform the MNIST digit recognition on passwords using the TinyML approach on a tiny MCU.
Learn how to quickly develop a TinyML model to recognize drawn digits on touch interfaces with low-power MCUs.
Learn how to quickly develop TinyML models to recognize custom, user-defined drawn gestures on touch interfaces, embedded in low-power MCUs.
Driving Monitor that tracks the driver's blind spots with a warning system created with an ESP32 CAM and powered by Edge Impulse.
Maintain the recommended distance of 1 - 2 meters by means of a simple and fast implementation system without having high infrastructure cos
Make an SMD heatplate using a PTC heater and M5Stack parts.
M5stamp replace my broken Lego Power Function
In this tutorial, we will cover how to build a face mask detection system using M5Stack UnitV2 and Seeed Studio Wio Terminal.
Just a quick PoC for a M5Stick Vario for Paragliding. Basecode from Skytraxx Tweety.