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Detection of cracked road to help wheelchair user travel better
Learn how to use the ESP32 in MicroPython to use the onboard camera and connect to the network.
This solution offers a portable intercom receiver for the doorbell with remote camera, capability to call emergency via Telegram.
I have updated the "IP Camera" and "Camera Microphone" firmware to the new revision with two new features:ESP32-Cam Time Lapse + AVI Export
This project born as add-on for my intercom, and implement a retro camera for electric wheelchair.
A simple M5 Atom Lite project, using .NET nanoFramework and a human presence radar to trigger a WLED-controlled sign!
An autonomous robot that collects important soil parameters & applies the right amount of fertilizer and water. It's powered by Infineon MCU
Record a case where a robotic arm is manually dragged and another robotic arm follows.
Detailed introduction to the use of APP to remotely control robotic arms to realize applications in complex or dangerous scenarios.
Scan product code and search online....
Using Arduino UNO, RFID reader and tags, Touch Sensor, LEDs, Buzzer, OLED display
A smart lighting system using W5500-EVB-Pico, Adafruit IO, and a PIR sensor. Circuitpython used.
Record my utilization of the mycobot280 M5Stack with ROS and MoveIt for programming, enabling path planning and obstacle avoidance.
Create your handheld gaming console using an Arduino Nano ESP32 and play Doom on the go.
3D Scanning using Structured Light (Slit Scanning) With ESP32 CAM, Line Lazer, coded with Arduino, which communicates to Client Application.
The universal media player for M5Stack Controllers that supports native JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF files