8 PCS M3*12/18/25/32 Screw With Allen Key


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SCREW would be a necessary tool used on M5Stack development. If you having multiple layers stacked up and you might want fix them up with something. Here comes this SCREW Accessory Kit, packed with 4 different length of M3 screws and an Allen Key. Got this sutff will definately help you making more complicated and organized work around M5Stack.

Product Features

  • Specification:
    • 2x M3-12
    • 2x M3-18
    • 2x M3-25
    • 2x M3-32
    • 1x Allen Key


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8 PCS M3*12/18/25/32 Screw With Allen Key

Largest screw is ~1mm+ too large and push the M5 Core / Fire outside its frame!

1) First, i just have noticed that M5 Stack reviews are copy and paste FAKE reviews of their products, i kindly ask M5 Stack team to be honest and delete all those fake reviews!
2) I bought two such screw kits , one to stack A) M5 Core+ Communication module + LEGO+ module + Base and the other to stack B) M5 Fire + Communication module + SERVO module + Base ...in both cases the largest screw is approximately 1 to 2 mm too large and it pushes the M5 COre /Fire screen out of its frame! ...then you are forced to leave it a bit loosen and the screws heads keep protruding approximately 1mm outsade the back surface on the button so ...horrible result and the stack is still loosen, therefore basic function not fulfilled!
3) Because above issue was the reason i spend my money and the product and it does not work, then i give a 1 start review......the day that M5 Stack deliver a product that fullfils its function/specifications/intentions then i will be happy to give a five start review! (I am trying to help improve your products which i basically like guys!). Thank you!


8 PCS M3*12/18/25/32 Screw With Allen Key


8 PCS M3*12/18/25/32 Screw With Allen Key