Fish-eye Camera Module (OV2640)


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M5CameraF is a development board for image recognition. It features an ESP32(4M Flash + 520K RAM) chip and 2-Megapixel carmera(OV2640).M5CameraF offers plenty of storage, with an extra 4 Mbyte PSRAM. It also supports image transmission via Wi-Fi and debuging through USB Type-C port.

The hardware comes preloaded software, programmed by ESP-IDF. It is an application to run Wi-Fi camera. The output image is size 600*800, since it’s 2-Maga camera, you sure can optimize the software to output the maximum size of photos.

what this software can do?

  • Power the board via USB type-C or GROVE
  • Use your phone to Wi-Fi scan an AP name start with ‘m5stack-‘ and click to connect this AP.
  • Open up web browser on your phone and visit
  • Then here comes the picture. Video is about 5-6 frames per senconds. not super fast.

The hardware also comes with some reserved weld pad, just in case you want put these chips back on board.

  • 9-axis gyroscope (MPU6050)
  • pressure sensor (BME280)
  • Digital silicon microphone (SPM1423)
  • Lipo Battery power pins


    • ESP32 specifications
      • Dual-core Tensilica LX6 microprocessor
      • Up to 240MHz clock frequency
      • 4MB PSRAM
      • 4MB Flash memory
      • Integrated 802.11 BGN WiFi transceiver
      • Integrated dual-mode Bluetooth (classic and BLE)
      • Hardware accelerated encryption (AES, SHA2, ECC, RSA-4096)
    • CP2104 USB-to-TTL converter
    • ESP32-WROVER (PCB Antenna)
    • OV2640 sensor
      • Output Formats(8-bit):
        • YUV(422/420)/YCbCr422
        • RGB565/555
        • 8-bit compressed data
        • 8-/10-bit Raw RGB data
      • Maximum Image Transfer Rate according to specific format
        • UXGA/SXGA: 15fps
        • SVGA: 30fps
        • CIF: 60fps
      • Scan Mode: Progressive
    • Camera specifications
      • Field of View : 160 degree
      • Maxmium Pixel: 2-Mega
    • Sensor best resolution: 1600 * 1200
    • Size:23.5 × 48 × 23.5mm


    • 1x M5CameraF
    • 1x LEGO Adapter
    • 1x Wall/1515
    • 1x Type-C USB(20cm)



    Camera Interface PinMap

    Interface Camera Pin M5CameraF
    SCCB Clock SIOC IO23
    SCCB Data SIOD IO22
    System Clock XCLK IO27
    Vertical Sync VSYNC IO25
    Horizontal Reference HREF IO26
    Pixel Clock PCLK IO21
    Pixel Data Bit 0 D2 IO32
    Pixel Data Bit 1 D3 IO35
    Pixel Data Bit 2 D4 IO34
    Pixel Data Bit 3 D5 IO5
    Pixel Data Bit 4 D6 IO39
    Pixel Data Bit 5 D7 IO18
    Pixel Data Bit 6 D8 IO36
    Pixel Data Bit 7 D9 IO19
    Camera Reset RESET IO15
    Camera Power Down PWDN see Note 1
    Power Supply 3.3V 3V3 3V3
    Ground GND GND

    GROVE Interface

    Grove M5CameraF
    SCL IO13
    SDA IO4
    5V 5V

    LED Interface

    LED M5CameraF
    LED_Pin IO14

    The following tables are Reserved Chip Interfaces

    BME280 Interface

    It’s IIC address is 0x76.

    BME280 M5CameraF
    SCL IO23
    SDA IO22

    MPU6050 Interface

    It’s IIC address is 0x68.

    MPU6050 M5CameraF
    SCL IO23
    SDA IO22

    MIC(SPM1423) Interface

    MIC(SPM1423) M5CameraF
    CLK IO4
    DATA IO2


    1. Camera Power Down pin does not need to be connected to ESP32 GPIO. Instead it may be pulled down to ground with 10 kOhm resistor.

    2. We have several patterns of camera board, the following figures shows the main differece

      view click here.

    More information


    Power circuit

    Chip peripheral circuit

    USB to serial port part of the circuit

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    Fish-eye Camera Module (OV2640)


    Excellent product.

    1 x Fish-eye Camera Module (OV2640)

    This camera is great it pickups at wide angle view and wireless works great.



    Works nice. Recommend.


    Fish-eye Camera Module (OV2640)