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PowerC HAT is a charging module specially designed for m5stickc, with built-in ip3005 high-precision lithium battery protection IC and ip5209 power management IC. It uses I2C communication protocol to carry out data transmission with m5stickc of the host computer, and can check the voltage, current and other information through programming. The back battery seat of the module can be installed with two 16340 batteries, which can be charged by the charging module, and can also be used as a charging treasure to provide external power through the battery In addition, the module provides an I2C interface for connecting I2C peripherals, a typec interface for power input, a usb-a bus for power output, with a voltage output of 5V / 1.5A and an input voltage of 5V. The module is equipped with an independent switch, which can be opened once and closed twice. 

Product Features

  • Battery testing

  • Mobile power bank

  • Battery charger

Weight & Dimension

  • Dimension:55mm x 35mm
  • Weight:19g


  • 1x PowerC HAT(include battery 2 * 750mAh)

Customer Reviews

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M5StickC PowerC

M5StickC Power C

Sorry but I received the M5StickC with the power On/Off switch un-solder, I found the On/Off switch inside of the case of course, Can I send you a Picture?

Hey Jose, Please send an email to our support@m5stack.com with your picture, we'll reply asap. If It's the product defection, we'll replace it for you.
Works, but

the power switch died after about pressing 20 times. The gold cover (membrane) loses and now it is away. Is there a workaround?
Running you program example shows the value of external Vbat, but after 5 to 10 seconds it seems PowerC is switching off. What can I do?
I want to use the PowerC as battery backpack for the small internal battery of M5StickC.

Hey Claus, Have you tried charging it? Could you provide more information and send to support@m5stack.com? Our engineer will check and give you a reply, if it's our product defection, we'll replace/repair for you.